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How to use fraps 2.9.8 easily?

Welcome to the tutorial on "How to use Fraps 2.9.8", here the editor will show you how to setup Fraps, record in game footage, and import video to your favorite movie editor.

First off you're gona need Fraps so go to this site here. Http://www.fraps.com/download.php
Then click download Fraps 2.9.8 setup, and hit open. This will take you thru the setup of Fraps which is very simple. Now that you have Fraps 2.9.8 set up we can now begin the tut.

Step 1: Open up Fraps, and click on the movies tab(Tag:a). Click on the Change button to change the directory where the recording file will be saved(Tag:b). Now look down at the white box that says "Video Capture Hotkey" click inside the white box and hit any key that you want. This key will be the start/stop button for Fraps which means that you will hit this button to start recording, and if you hit it again it will stop your recording session. Now that you have that set look around to see all the other settings. Below the box you have the "Record Sound" box the default has it set to record in game sound but you can click it to turn the sound recorder off. Also if you look beside the "disable button"(Tag:c) you see "Half Size" and "Full Size" this opton lets your video come out as a full screen video or a smaller screen video. Choose which ever one you want. Now look besides the size boxes. You will see 25 fps - 60 fps this is the Frames Per Second section. by selecting one of these boxes you are setting the FPS that the video will record in. so click one you like or you can set ur own FPS rate at the bottom.


Step 2: Now that you have every thing setup just the way you want it we can start filming in game footage. To do this minimize Fraps * THAT IS A IMPORTANT STEP IF YOU WANT TO RECORD*

Step 3: Open up the game that you want to play. Once the game is open you may notice numbers in a corner of the screen. That is your fps. Don't worry about this while ur recording because Fraps will not include it in with the video. Now you can start recording. Press the "Hotkey" that you selected in order to start recording.


Step 4: Start playing. Once you have started recording all you have to do is play the game. Fraps will record the whole time unless you press the Hotkey again to stop it. Fraps can only record in short bursts of film but don't be alarmed it will just break off when one video has reached its limit and start a new one right away without lossing game play action.

Step 5: Pess the Hot key again and exit your game. The red numbers will turn yellow, indicating that the recording stops. Now you can import your movies to your editing program. Open your editing Program and click Import. Now go to the directory you originally set to find the video. Now you can click on the video that you want to import and start editing it.


Hope this tut was helpful in teaching you how simple it is to operate Fraps.

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