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How to See All Goods from MMOsite Shop?

1. Sign In with your mmosite account;

2. Click "See All Goods" button on the left menu;

3. Choose the goods you`d like to buy and click "ADD TO CART" button, and a page with detailed goods information will appear, click "ADD TO CART" again to add it to your cart after you double check the price and quantity;

4. Repeat the same process as above if you want to buy other goods. Once you have added all the goods that you wish to buy to the Shopping Cart, click on the "Buy Now" button on the Shopping Cart page to process the order. The See All Goods request will be sent to our shop admin right away. Please make sure you have enough gold or forum points to buy the goods;

5. You can check your See All Goods history by clicking "My Buy History "button on the Shopping Cart page. Once the admin sends the goods to you, the state "paid" will change to "for delivery". When you receive the goods you ordered, the state will change to "goods received".

Now, your See All Goods is completed! You can continue to enjoy your stay in other places on mmosite.

If the goods could not be delivered to some countries by Amzon.com, the players may have to choose other virtual goods with similar prizes instead. We`re sorry for the inconvenience.

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