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How can I download a file from MMOsite Download?

There are 3 different download services for normal users, MMOsite members and VIP members respectively.

1. If you are not a member of MMOsite, you can just click the “No Login Required” button to start your download. No MMO Gold or Login is needed.

2. If you wanna have faster download speed, before you start download, please register as a member of MMOsite (http://help.mmosite.com/faq/forum/10.shtml) and login. Once you login, you can download from MMOsite Member Servers.

After you successfully signed in, Our Member Servers are ready for you to download.

Note: MMOsite Download now have 3 servers. From which the system will automatically choose the fastest one for you.

3. If you are looking for even higher download speed, MMOsite Download now have a VIP server for HighSpeed download. though you have to pay a certain amount of MMO Gold (http://help.mmosite.com/help/mmogold.shtml). Please note that you should have enough MMO Gold to access our HighSpeed download.

Note: HighSpeed Server is located in North America. MMOsiters from other areas may NOT take advantage of this Server.

IF you do not have the Gold Required, go to our gold center to buy or exchange MMO Gold.

You can also choose to pay a monthly fee to enjoy  our monthly service at a favorable price.

Affter above steps, now finally you get to our download page:

JUST Left click the Download button, and then select the directory or folder where you want to save the file.

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