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How to post an answer?

Each question has a 15-day “open” period. You can post an answer to any question which is unsolved (those with no best answer yet). Click button and fill your answer in the content field and submit. Besides, you can attach some references in the “Attach reference” field.

How to select an answer as the best answer?

If the questioner is satisfied with any of the answers, he/she can click Accept button beside it to pick it as the best answer for his/her question.

Any benefits to answer a question?

In addition to enjoy helping other people, you can get scores and points as well. Every time you answer a question (no matter whether your answer is chosen as the best answer or not), you’ll get 1 answer point. If your answer is chosen as the best answer, you will get the reward scores set by the questioner as well as the reward (4 scores) given by the system.(learn more about scores).

What does “the best answer” mean?

“The best answer” is the answer accepted by the questioner. The answer doesn’t represent any views of mmosite. When an answer is picked as the best answer, the question becomes a Solved Question.

Do I have to attach reference?

If your answer is totally or partly quoted from somewhere, in order to avoid copyright infringement, we strongly advise you to attach reference, such as url, book name or others.

Can I answer anonymously?

Nope, you have to login first.

Can I answer my own question?

No, it is not allowed and not available.

Can I post more than one answer for a question?

Sorry, you are not allowed. However, you can modify your answer. Click “Modify” button beside your answer to modify it.

Can I post an answer with images?

Sorry, the function is not available now, but it will become available soon.

How can I find an answer I am looking for?

You can use the search bar to find the answers you are looking for.

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